​Welcome to the Family

Pray for a certain person
Do a 5 minute cleaning chore5 Minute Chore Ideas
Pray about a specific concern
Recite pre-chosen quotes
Do 5 stretches
Send someone a compliment text/email/phone/fb
Hug someone

​Say something positive about someone (can be yourself)

Play a 5 minute game with one or more of the kids
5 Minute Game Ideas
Meditate/Ponder for 3-5 minutes

Read for 5 minutes from a motivational book

​​Read 5 scripture verses

Read pre-made affirmation cards

Do some Yoga poses

Watch pre-chosen short inspirational videos

Write 1 goal

Hold a smile for 1 whole minute
Take 5 deep breaths in an out slowly

Drink water, a cleaning drink, barley water... 
Read to a child

Clean up something
Go outside and stand facing the sun for 2-4 minutes

Write down something you are thankful for

Do a two minute exercise routine
Read your mission statement out loud
Read 1/12 of your patriarchal blessing

Watch nature for 2-5 minutes 
Practice a skill5 Minute Skill Ideas
Do something artsy5 Minute Artsy Ideas
Eat a fruit or vegetable
Learn a new word

Think of one new business idea
Think of one new crazy product or invention

Write 5 sentences of a story. It doesn't even actually have to be the same story each time. It can just be story starters

Write one stanza of a poem each hour
Write one to two paragraph answers to 12 of these questions in your journal:
5 Minute Journal Questions

*Hint:  Choose one of these ideas and do it for a minimum of 12 times in one day. Keep resetting alarms to remind yourself until you have done 12. You should limit yourself to 5 minutes each of the 12 times. 

So who says that we HAVE to make our challenges be 30 days long?  What if we want to challenge ourselves, but just not do something that takes that long?  Here are a bunch of challenges that you can do in one day.  12 hour challenges are to be done once every hour for 12 hours.  These challenges can definitely make you stretch and grow, but they are completely doable and you can have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

The following are ideas that our family thought of to do.  We have done some and plan to do more!   The ideas that are underlined on the list below can be clicked on.  This will take you to a page that will show you what we did with that challenge and/or will share helpful resources to complete that challenge.