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A 30 Day Challenge is simply something you challenge yourself to do for 30 days!  You will be surprised at how much you learn and grow from doing regular 30 day challenges.  You don't need to do one every month for the rest of your life.  What if you did one this year?  What if you did three?  If you want a different way to challenge yourself, try doing several 12 Hour Challenges or other Varied Length Challenges.  Whatever you do, keep challenging yourself so that you are engaged in awesomeness and not slothfulness!  (By the way, did you know that sloths are s u p e r  s l o w  m o v e r s?)

There are unlimited ideas for 30 Day Challenges.  If you Google "30 Day Challenges" you will find many websites and pages devoted to the subject.  The following are just ideas that our family thought of to do.  We have done some and plan to do more!   Some of the ideas on the list below can be clicked on.  This will take you to a page that will show you what we did with that challenge and/or will share helpful resources to complete that challenge.  (For example, you will find a list of game ideas and a tracking chart with the 30 Days of 15 minute games challenge.)

30 Days of 15 Minute Games
What we did
Work on song writing daily

Give out smiles or hugs

Draw something every day (learn to do something better each time)

Practice your instrument at least 30 minutes each day

Play a new game

Read the Book of MormonOld Testament, New Testament, etc. all the way through 

Meditate (ponder) 10 minutes a day

Write 1 thing I am thankful for each day

Write a 50,000 word novel   (Do this in November.  Get encouragement, progress tracking, awards and ideas from this site.  National Novel Writing Month)

Rising early

No treats

Do something to advertise for your business

Movie a day

Read aloud to family

Listen to classical music 30 minutes

Read ______________ (Fill in the blank with a classic…ie Dickens, Austen, Bronte, Carroll, Shakespeare, Twain, Stevenson, Dumas, Kipling, etc.)

10,000 steps a day (or 12,000, or whatever)

Sending a nice note to someone (mail, email, fb, etc.)

Watch a sunrise or sunset (can’t be doing anything else at the time as well)

Take a picture a day of anything

Have someone take a picture of you each day of an activity that you did that day 

Take a picture each day of something hard to identify (eyeball benders!)
Smoothie a day

Listen to a book of scripture

One good deed

Dance to 1 song

Eat 4-5 vegetables a day

Sell a product (or service)

Brush your teeth left-handed if you are right-handed

Spend 10 - 15 minutes each day learning something new about a different country

Bring a positive quote with you to dinner or other family time

Find and tell a joke

Clean your bedroom daily

Read your mission statement out loud every day

Compliment someone every day (via text, email, instant message, in person, etc.)

30 Days of different breakfasts
Breakfast Ideas
Watch a documentary a day

Listen/watch/read something inspirational each day other than scriptures

Study your scriptures

Write in your journal

Try a different exercise each day

A new recipe a day (see Monthly Dinners below right for ideas)

30 Different hairstyles
What we did
Build something with Legos, Keva planks, Lincoln logs, tinker toys...etc.

Sign up for a free course and work on it daily.  You can find classes on many, many subjects! Google Openware, open courses, free classes, etc. to find more

        edX - hundreds of classes to choose from brought to you by a variety of universities

Do a ukulele lesson a day

Work on song writing daily

​Plan ahead, fix, and eat 30 dinners

Monthly Dinners One








Have dinner together as a family for 30 Days in a row or within 45 days