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Treasure Them

0-2 Years Old

Ever wish kids came with a handbook of instructions?  This book would be pretty hefty in size.  It would have an infinite number of chapters due to the infinite number of differences in children.  Most likely no one would ever be able to perfect such a book because just when you think you might have things figured out, along comes another child with ideas that completely blindside you.  

Okay, so nix on the instructional handbook that covers every possible scenario you might ever encounter.  What can a parent do?  

Our most important task as parents with a newborn baby in the house is to truly treasure the child.  As the baby grows and learns, while we still treasure that child, the focus starts to transition from simply relishing in the amazing little being that has come to join our family to teaching the child.  (We will talk more about teaching little ones on the 3-7 page.)  From the time a baby is born until around age 2, the thing they crave most is a loving environment where they know how much they are treasured.  

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