​Welcome to the Family

Welcome to the family...

What do we really mean by this tagline?  Well, we are welcoming you, our guests, into our home here on the web.  When people visit us at the physical structure in which we live, we want them to truly feel welcomed and uplifted by the members of our family. Such is what we also hope you will feel here at our web home. 

​We hope you will feel quite at home here on our site and at our store.  Have a look around, help yourself to some freebies, relax, put your feet up, stay as long as you like.  If you feel like having a little closer interaction with us, try one of these methods:

Let's talk about family.  Our family happens to be made up of the two of us and our eight children.  We have been married to one another for well over two decades and are biological parents to all our children.   We realize that not every family has the same dynamics as ours.  However, we feel that the basic principles of what can work well for “traditional” families like ours can also work for single parent families, families with step parents, grandparents as parents, families that have cousins as siblings and other family make-ups.  We love and know many successful single parent families and successful families that have varying family blends.  

Here are eight tenets that we feel can be a good starting ground upon which to build a successful family

The Successful Family

Each member of the family is of great worth.

The family is anchored through strong shared beliefs.

The family shares a common goal as to what is desired from life.

The father and the mother have a marriage based in love.

Childrenare provided for and taught well.

Family member roles are clearly defined yet also shared.

The family works together

The family plays together.


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