​Welcome to the Family

Points to Ponder

  • Playing brings out the smiles, the giggles, the laughter, the memorable moments, the unexplainable-to-outsiders happenings, etc.
  • Play gives many "remember when" stories to reminisce over at get togethers.
  • Play brings a great release from stress and pressures family members may be enduring.
  • There's no age limits in participating in fun.  
  • The 21 year old can play with the 2 year old.  (See top left corner of the picture above.) 
  • Mom and Dad can be the goofiest of them all. (See picture next to the one in top left corner.)
  • Everyone can make silly poses in front of ocean waves for Dad to catch on film.  (See center.)
  • Sporting events can be attended and participated in so that there are many stories to share with the rest of the family.
  • Dress-ups are fun.
  • Creating things is fun.
  • Sharing is fun.

Want our top games to play with the WHOLE family, including tips on how to make it work? 

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#5: Children are provided for and taught well.