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  • Mosiah 2:170:09

  • Months of the Year0:25

  • Missionary Medley2:57

  • Matthew 5:160:22

Free "Love One Another/Ye Have Done It Unto Me" Variations

  • (SSA + SA) Love One Another/Ye Have Done It Unto Me3:13
  • (SSA + TB) Love One Another/Ye Have Done It Unto Me3:13

  • I Will Be There3:26

  • Joy to the World/Come All Ye Saints1:29

  • Joy to the World BBS2:07

  • John 14:60:25

  • John 3:160:26

  • John 3:50:20

  • I Will Be There3:26

Free "I Stand All Amazed" Variations

  • It Was Night4:03

  • (SA) I Stand All Amazed 3:42
  • (ST) I Stand All Amazed3:42

  • I Saw ThreeShips0:59

  • Isaiah 29:140:20

  • His Love for Me3:22

  • I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go3:51

  • I'll Be Baptized2:13

  • If I Were an Angel on Christmas Night (clip)0:30

Free "I Need Thee Every Hour" Variations

  • (EZ Choir) I Need Thee Every Hour2:55
  • (TA) I Need Thee Every Hour3:06
  • (Choir + Solo) I Need Thee Every Hour3:09
  • (SA) I Need Thee Every Hour3:07

  • I Believe in America3:16

  • I Am Your Brother5:13

  • His Love for Me3:22

  • His Eyes4:34

  • He's the One (SSA)2:59

  • Hark! the Herald Angels Sing Medley2:35

  • Grains, Fruits, Vegetables1:05