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Handling Challenges

It would be impossible to list every possible challenge that could happen to a person since there are an infinite number of difficulties that could occur.  In order to conquer/subdue/overcome challenges in some way, we must fortify/prepare/strengthen ourselves.  We can build ourselves up by seeking inspiration, communicating with others and by using available resources.

Seek Inspiration

​Listen to inspiring music

Communicate with Others

Use Available Resources

If desired, put a copy of the following in a place you will see it frequently.  When you find yourself in the midst of a trying challenge, review the six bulleted points under the heading "When in difficulty".   Use those phrases to help get yourself back on track.  Review the "To prevent problems section" regularly to help keep yourself thinking in a positive manner.  

When in difficulty:

  • Never lose faith 
  • Seek inspiration
  • Seek counsel
  • Ask for help/prayers/blessings
  • Take advantage of resources available
  • Believe in miracles whether soon or late

To prevent problems:

  • Watch for stress indicators (do something about it before it becomes full blown)
  • Be aware of your triggers (determine a good response you could use in certain situations)
  • Get enough rest
  • Give your body real food
  • Slow down (do not take upon yourself too many things)
  • Take time for things that bring joy
  • Some of the above ideas come from this talk.