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Put on Your "Missionary Face"

It is important for future missionaries to become healthy eaters.  Missionaries need the health and strength that good nutrition provides in order to serve the Lord to their highest capabilities.  

When teaching our little ones about healthy eating, sometimes we hear complaints about the food they have been served.  On occasion, we will ask them to put on their "missionary face" and try it out.  Then we demonstrate by taking a bite of food and putting on a silly, happy grin and then chewing and following.  We encourage the little ones to show us their best missionary face as they take a taste test.  This method can work well at times.  Other times, you might just need some other ideas on hand.  This book can help with that.  

To promote lifelong healthy eaters, I have written Warthogs Don't Waste...A Happy, Healthy Eater Book.  This is not just a fun kid's book, it is also full of parenting tips.  Here's what's in the book:

First, there is a fun story to read with your child.  And I do mean with!  Each page has words for the reader to read and pictures that represent words for the non reader to "read."   

​Second, there are discussion questions and practical, doable parenting advice on how to raise healthy eaters and thwart picky eaters.

Third, there are activities and games you can do with your child to promote healthy eating choices.  

All the things in the book can be great for everyday use, or to include in a Family Home Evening, or to teach any group of young children.

This helpful book is only $5.95.  Consider buying one for yourself and a friend.

Promoting a healthy eating  lifestyle...

More info to come