​Welcome to the Family

Seek every day to find inspiration.  This will fortify you during extra tough times by filling the well from which you are drawing your strength.  Even during times that are not quite so tough, keeping your mind and heart stimulated by inspiration will increase your capabilities and give you extra peace and joy.

Try some of these places to get inspiration:

1.  CompleteLee Family Store and this website:  Listen to inspirational music, get inspiration for teaching your children and for Family Home Evening lessons, get organizational help so you feel like you don't have to think it all up on your own, etc.

 2.  Quote Websites  Try printing off inspirational quotes and having a quote wall at your home or office.  I suggest printing in different fonts, colors and shapes to better draw your attention.  I also recommend occasionally re-positioning your quotes so that the quotes don't become such a common sight that you forget to reread them.  Also, add new quotes from time to time.

3.  LDS.org Media Library  This site shares videos of stories and inspirational talks on a variety of topics such as gratitude, honesty, hope and more. 

4.  TED  This site gives a large collection of talks from people all over the world.  Many of the talks tell stories of how people solved a certain problem.  Some talks get you thinking about things you have never thought of before.  Some talks enlighten a person about modern technology.  

5.  Inspire My Kids.com  This site has inspirational videos, articles and quotes that may appeal to adults and children alike.  For instance, the story of the boy born without arms who learned to drive and design race cars.

6. Daily Scripture Study   This is one of the "very practices that help take away stress, give direction to our lives, and add protection to our homes."  Linda S. Reeves

7. Listen to uplifting, energizing, renewing MUSIC.  On this page I am compiling a list of songs that can meet this standard.