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Favorite Music Quote: 

Next to the word of God, music deserves the highest praise.  The gift of language, combined with the gift of song, was given to humankind that we should proclaim the Word of God through music. ~~Martin Luther 

For me, writing songs really began as a desire to accept a challenge given by local church leaders to "write a poem or song about your favorite gospel topic".  From there, I have grown to enjoy writing a lot of different kinds of songs as well as arranging hymns and Christmas songs.  

You may find me composing silly songs to help learn about some educational topic or just some crazy idea I had. Perhaps I may be in the mood for barbershop quartets.  And did you know that every scripture has a song inside it just waiting to come out?  If a holiday is close by, I might be working on something patriotic, or for fathers or for Easter.  Choirs, solos, duets, trios...those can all intrigue me too.  

Whether you need something for a children's or ward choir, a little Family Home Evening (FHE) help, a way to boost your desire to eat more healthily, a new educational tool, a special number for women (Relief Society) or any number of other subjects you may find it here.  

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ABC List of Songs