Challenge Resources

There are many resources available to help with a variety of challenges that any given person may be going through.  In addition to using self-help resources, BEING a resource for someone else can be uplifting as well.  Being a resource could also be called service.  :)  Serving others can lift one's own burdens.  Service can take only 30 seconds, or it can be something that requires a much longer time commitment.  There is something everyone can do, no matter how little spare time they have.


1.  CompleteLee Family Store  and this website:  We offer products that can help with every day types of challenges.  We also have products that inspire and products that help relieve stress through fun and games.

  • Educational help
  • Inspiration (Music, Seminars & Workshops, browse shop for more)
  • Finances 
  • Fun and Games (see also Golf)
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Home and Family in general
  • Organization
  • Parenting (see also Family Home Evening lessons)

2.   LDS Family Services: Whether or not you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this resource is amazing.  They offer help in the following categories:

3.   Alcoholics Anonymous 

4.   National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


1.  Just Serve in Your Own Community

2.  Ever heard of microvolunteering?  This site helps people find ways that they can serve even in their pajamas with tasks ranging from 1 to 30 minutes for causes around the world.

3. Service  Use this site to find ways to serve that take anywhere from 5 minutes to full time.  Click on links offering Full Time, Part Time and Spare Time opportunites

4.   This site gives a listing of a lot of sites that you can go to to find ways to serve.

If you know of great resources to add to this page, use the contact us form to let us know.  

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