Free Math Resources:

Khan Academy-  Use Khan Academy for all math from kindergarten through higher learning.  You can do computer programming or calculus or you can use it for elementary school skills.  The attention of children and adults are highly engaged through this interactive site where you can earn points and badges as you make progress.  You must master needed skills before you are allowed to move on to new materials that require those skills.   

Ray's Arithmetic -- If you are familiar with the McGuffey Readers that were used in the early 1900's, Ray's Arithmetic is the McGuffey Readers "sidekick".  This site offers free video lessons to go with the books that are also downloadable from this site.   

Free Art Resources:

Multiple Art Resources Reviewed This page gives a listing  of quite a few free art resources with brief explanations about each.  (Also some free music resources as well.)

Art Appreciation Lessons  Click on any artist to read about them, see their artwork and then click on activities and quizzes to do.

Free History Resources:

BBC History Pages  Scroll to the bottom to see several icons on various topics including Ancient History, History for Kids and Historic Figures.  

Comprehensive list of history websites This is a decently organized listing of all kinds of history websites on various topics.

Family History Sign up for a free account to start researching your own genealogy.

Free Science Resources:

Government pages for kids This website has a variety of free science and other subjects posted.  Some of it is just lists of topics that take you to other websites, but this website is pretty easy to navigate.

Smithsonian for kids Explore the Smithsonian in a kid friendly way from your home.  There are ebooks, worksheets, interactive things, videos, etc.  Check out the interactive weather map for fun.

Periodic Table Videos This site allows you to click on each and every element on the table and watch a short video that talks about that elemnt.  

Helpful Resources in Varying Subjects for Varying Skill Levels

Free Reading Resources:

Read Public Domain Stories allows you to read everything from fairy tales to classic works to cookbooks to mysteries to crafts and much more.  Choose from tens of 1000's of books!  Each eBook can be read in various formats so you can easily read it at your computer, on an e-reader of some sort, on your phone, etc. Download some today so you will never be without something to read!

​Listen to Public Domain Stories gives you 1000's of books that you can listen to at will.  The books are read by various volunteers.  Some of the readings are incredibly well done with wonderful voice animation and inflection and sometimes with different readers reading each different part.  Some of the readings are more dull, but still listenable.  Very handy to add to playlists for listening at home or in the car or anywhere else.  

Free Writing Resources:

Research Paper Writing You could use this site to write your research paper from start to finish.  It gives you a step by step, easy-to-use guide for writing the paper, specifics on how to write a bibliography, end notes, footnotes, and more (

More will be added.  Please check back for updates.

Free Music Resources:

The Classics The Classics for Kids website has bios on many composers, games for kids to play and other classical music related things.  I like the page that explores the instruments of the orchestra.  

Learn music theory gives many free lessons in music theory.  Just click on the triangle on the bottom right of the lesson to progress to the next idea.  

Children's songs Kididdles gives you quick access to lyrics and audio clips for hundreds of children's songs.

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