​Welcome to the Family

Coming soon!  Family Dinner Table book, complete with all game and activity explanations, details and other subjects not covered in the presentation.  If you want to be notified when it is available, complete the form to the right.  

Teaching cooking skills...​

Although this book is designed with the missionary in mind, it is a great teaching tool for those learning how to cook.   It has many recipes that can be cooked together as a family and recipes that a young chef could fix for the family.

Get the most amount of healthy food with the most amount of flavor in the least amount of time for the least amount of money by using this comprehensive yet entertaining cookbook. What's in the book? You will find:

  • Greenie recipes (for the novice in the kitchen)
  • Trainer recipes (for someone with a hint of confidence in the kitchen)
  • Trunkie recipes (for those who know the basics)
  • Weekly menu plans
  • Conversion charts
  • Shopping lists
  • Suggestions of food to eat to round out each meal
  • Kitchen essentials guide
  • Allergy free tips
  • Scripture verses that go along with the recipes and missionary cartoons.

This book can be used by Elder Missionaries, Sister Missionaries, college students, working singles, dad chefs, busy moms and anyone learning how to cook. Price: $16.95

Teaching children to eat well...

To promote lifelong healthy eaters, I have written Warthogs Don't Waste...A Happy, Healthy Eater Book.  This is not just a fun kid's book, it is also full of parenting tips.  Here's what's in the book:

First, there is a fun story to read with your child.  And I do mean with!  Each page has words for the reader to read and pictures that represent words for the non reader to "read."   

​Second, there are discussion questions and practical, doable parenting advice on how to raise healthy eaters and thwart picky eaters.

Third, there are activities and games you can do with your child to promote healthy eating choices.  

All the things in the book can be great for everyday use, or to include in a Family Home Evening, or to teach any group of young children.

This helpful book is only $5.95.  Consider buying one for yourself and a friend.

 We love having local youth/young adults participate in this presentation by singing the songs that are a part of it.  Plan ahead so there is plenty of time to learn the songs!  (Sheet music will be provided free of charge for the singers and accompanist to use.)

Songs that could be included:

​I Stand All Amazed (choose a version)

The Lord is My Shepherd (link to come)


*Workshop Handout                                                                    *Game and Activity Instructions 

​                                                                                                  *Pre-Designated Dinner Conversation Starters  

Do a family dinner table challenge

​Making Food for Baby

Mealtime, Family Time (article)                                                   More Ideas to Strengthen the Family                     

​A Table Encircled with Love (article)

Google It Ideas

  • "conversation starters"
  • "family dinner discussion questions"
  • "​meal theme ideas"
  • ​​"unusual healthy foods"


'Round the Family Dinner Table

Love, love, love this topic!  We have found the family dinner table to be the best place for a combination of learning, bonding, laughing, teaching and loving. At times it has been difficult to make eating together a priority, but it is so important that we make sure it takes precedence over other things, even when that means we have family breakfast or lunch because too many members are missing at dinner time for a season.  Eating together daily is vital to families.  

Check out the the handouts and helps sections below to find out more.  These resources will be updated occasionally with new links  and helps.

If you are interested, we can present this topic to your group as a fireside or workshop.  Come prepared to think about the family dinner table in ways you haven't thought before.  

Included in this seminar/workshop or possible fireside are...

*Reasons why having dinner together is so important
*What you can automatically teach your children at the table with no preparation
*Fun and interesting ways to enhance your dinner table experience
*Scriptures, hymns and thoughts that support the importance of families eating together  (note: this portion can be optional if you are looking for a non-religious based workshop)   
All this because one day we will want to sit at the ultimate family dinner table as described in Luke 22:30 "That ye may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom."

Contact us to have "Round the Family Dinner Table" presented to your group.