Come see us at the LDS Missionary Expo!  We will be speaking and we will have vendors with our cookbook in the exhibitor's hall.

​What will we be speaking about?  Here are our topics...

Let Not Your Wallet Be Troubled--Affordable Missionary Outfitting
Cease to be fearful.  The Lord is willing to help you find what you need at prices that work for you.  Learn tips and tricks to stretch your dollars when buying missionary supplies.  Learn about quality as well as bargains.  We'll also do some thinking ahead to see how pennies can be pinched while in the mission field. 

Feed the Shepherd before Feeding the Sheep
If your body is sick, worn out, or out of shape, it affects your spirit as well.  D&C 88:15 tells us "the spirit and the body are the soul of man".  If missionaries are to serve with their whole souls, they must see to the needs of their body as well as the needs of their spirit.    Hear some fun ideas on keeping fit before and during the mission.  Get some input on nutritional needs and how this can affect your ability to serve.  Learn about meal planning and dinners even a Greenie can make.

Vendor info is coming soon...

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