​Welcome to the Family

The Little Red Hen taught her little chicks to work along side her as we should do in our families.  The lazy barnyard animals learned a hard lesson--they didn't earn the reward.  *I linked the picture to a free online version of the story.  I personally like the version that shows the little red hen engaging her little chicks in the work more.  This version doesn't really show that, but the story is cute anyway.  

See the 8 tenets of successful families.  

#5: Children are provided for and taught well. 

Points to Ponder:

  • Working together promotes the success of the family.
  • A sense of togetherness can be achieved when doing a job as a family, especially when there is pride in a job well done.
  • Sharing ideas on how to best accomplish a task can yield a better result.  Better methods of doing things can often come from the children rather than the parents.
  • When families work together, they can best utilize the strengths of each member and also join in helping each other with any weaknesses.
  • Coordination and communication skills are strengthened.
  • In working together, children are learning by their parent's example:

                 How to work with others

                 How to resolve conflicts

                 What kind of attitude one should have toward work

                 The importance of doing your best